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What is the meaning of inviting in Hindi?

Meaning of inviting in Hindi is : लुभावना

Definition of word inviting

  • Alluring; tempting; attractive. (adjective)
  • Present participle of invite. (verb)

Examples of word inviting

    • When the trouble in the Police Board had reached a point where it seemed impossible not to understand that Roosevelt and his side were fighting a cold and treacherous conspiracy against the cause of good government, we had the spectacle of a Christian Endeavor Society inviting the man who had hatched the plot, the bitter and relentless enemy whom the mayor had summoned to resign, and afterward did his best to remove as a fatal obstacle to reform, —inviting this man to come before it and speak of Christian citizenship!
    • And here's a 2007 BusinessWeek piece written by Kappos himself in which he calls inviting the public in to do patent review "classic arbitrage" -- that is, a pairing of "those who need [information] but lack the resources to generate it," or, in other word, USPTO's overworked patent examiners, with "those who have expertise, motivation, and access to information."
    • This Saturday, Literacy Volunteers of Chenango County are once again inviting community …
    • The day progressive grassroots work as hard and ceaselessly as evangelical wingnuts in inviting middle america to share our way of looking at things is the day when middle america rejects “the crazy” once and for all!
    • The report said: "[This] is not necessarily an extensive or accurate evidence base for determining whether there may be cause for concern in inviting the proposed speaker."
    • Seattle Public Libraries is again inviting Seattlites to Beacon Hill to weigh in on the future of SPL.
    • Michaele places phone calls inviting everyone to come grape-stomping at Oasis Winery.
    • Then begin inviting your friends and colleagues to register.
    • If's it's permanent, then I think you made the wrong decision in inviting her in.