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What is the meaning of invulnerable in Hindi?

Meaning of invulnerable in Hindi is : सुरक्षित

Definition of word invulnerable

  • Incapable of being wounded, or of receiving injury; not vulnerable. (adjective)
  • Unanswerable; irrefutable; unable to be damaged by an attack or convinced; as, an invulnerable argument. (adjective)

Examples of word invulnerable

    • The more invulnerable the Empire is, the more invulnerable is Canada.
    • The mystic is, in short, invulnerable, and must be left, whether we relish it or not, in undisturbed enjoyment of his creed.
    • The riveting actor, best known as the invulnerable RoboCop, has brilliantly hit the skids as Stan Liddy, a corrupt Miami PD officer who gets busted by Internal Affairs.
    • He might have been called the invulnerable dwarf of the fray.
    • Ianni points also to studies of so-called invulnerable adolescents -- those who develop into stable young adults in spite of coming from troubled homes, or other adversity.


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