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What is the meaning of irrecognizable in Hindi?

Meaning of irrecognizable in Hindi is : न पहिचानने योग्य

Definition of word irrecognizable

Examples of word irrecognizable

  • When he again faced round, his face was all but irrecognizable.
  • Formerly, next to nothing was done to preserve or protect the monuments, and many of the finest were irrecognizable and all but inaccessible from dirt and dilapidation.
  • When the gray light of dawn spread over the surface of the water, it only lighted up a few drifting, sinking wrecks, the irrecognizable ruins of Admiral Crane's proud squadron, which were soon completely destroyed by the enemy's torpedoes.
  • This, however, is the only mark of identity, for the corpse is irrecognizable.
  • I said to myself at once that the block of stone disturbed by the pickaxe had been placed there with a very curious exactness, that the least knock was bound to make it fall and that, in falling, it must inevitably reduce the head of the false Arsene Lupin to pulp, in such a way as to make it utterly irrecognizable.


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