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What is the meaning of jargoned in Hindi?

Meaning of jargoned in Hindi is :

Definition of word jargoned

Examples of word jargoned

  • Like my colleagues, I don't speak in jargoned riddles -- or, as he parodied in his "Restoring History" episode, arrogantly pontificate through pipe-smoke, an authoritative blue blazer unsuccessfully concealing my fey pink shirt.
  • It's not so much that faculty feel embarrassed by their lack of information literacy, but Watt in particular feels kind of jargoned at.
  • He needn't have bothered, as I couldn't follow his jargoned explanation of nano-technology anyway, but I can tell you this much: The Flying Wi-Fi is about the size of a small moth, it can stealthily hover or remain stationary almost silently in any location, and it's equipped with an ultra-sensitive wi-fi camera (with an amazing wide-angle lens) and microphone.
  • But surely, in the interest of political, historical, and personal rectitude, the dying man's message to the world should absolve him from having his lucid, succinct conversations jargoned into a tattered tedium.
  • The wine wrought with the Transylvanians, and they all jargoned together at once, and laughed at the jokes passing among them.