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What is the meaning of jargoning in Hindi?

Meaning of jargoning in Hindi is :

Definition of word jargoning

Examples of word jargoning

  • Back in 2000, the Securities and Exchange Commission first proposed beefing up and de-jargoning the disclosure forms that financial advisers provide to new and prospective clients, where they describe their services, fees, business practices and conflicts of interest.
  • Yonder, in that clump of alders by the brook, is the delicious jargoning of the first flock of yellow-birds; there are the little gentlemen in black and yellow, and the little ladies in olive-brown; "sweet, sweet, sweet" is the only word they say, and often they will so lower their ceaseless warble, that, though almost within reach, the little minstrels seem far away.
  • The beautiful blush rose, opening fresh and rosy on a dewy June morning, echoes gleefully the birds '' secret jargoning. '
  • Shoals of low-jargoning men drift inward to the sound—
  • In Mrs. Austen's drawing-room, with “Sidney Smith guffawing,” and “other people prating, jargoning, to me through these thin cobwebs Death and Eternity sate glaring.”