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What is the meaning of jargons in Hindi?

Meaning of jargons in Hindi is :

Definition of word jargons

  • Plural form of jargon. (noun)

Examples of word jargons

  • I only read movie reviews after i watch them because i can learn the references, the jargons.
  • These are the jargons such as RGB and CMYK when doing your sticker printing, label printing and custom labels for example.
  • When bribery crosses borders -- for example, when the bribe-giver and the bribe-taker come from different countries and speak different languages -- multiple jargons and dialects add new layers of confusion.
  • SF: Be gentle with "lol" "katz" and the odd new jargons, patois and formulations that arise from the net.
  • Lee wrote, “By intentionally replacing native metaphors with experience-distancing jargons and by unintentionally demolishing cultures, the imposition of universalizing biomedical categories may imperil illness negotiation on the one hand, and curtail local healing opportunities on the other.”


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