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What is the meaning of jocose in Hindi?

Meaning of jocose in Hindi is : विनोदी

Definition of word jocose

  • given to jest; habitually jolly (adjective)
  • playful; characterized by joking (adjective)

Examples of word jocose

    • Liszt, that amiable critic replied that the word "grotesque" had no place in piano playing -- that they should properly be called jocose, or something of that sort.
    • With the rabbi he maintained an armed truce which manifested itself in a kind of jocose teasing that occasionally developed an unpleasant edge.
    • Now this division is made according to the intention of the effect: for a "jocose" lie is told in order to make fun, an
    • Unfortunately, among many of our young people, the Bible seems to be a book to be avoided or to be treated in a rather "jocose" manner.
    • There is a kind of jocose or burlesque satire peculiar to Italy, in which the literature is extremely rich.


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