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What is the meaning of journeyman in Hindi?

Meaning of journeyman in Hindi is : विश्वसनीय परन्तु मध्यम दर्जे का

Definition of word journeyman

  • a tradesman who has served an apprenticeship and is employed by a master tradesman (noun)
  • a competent but undistinguished tradesman, especially one who works, and is paid by the day (noun)
  • a player who plays on many different teams during the course of his career (noun)

Examples of word journeyman

  • At this point, as the name journeyman implies, you get some confidence-boosting independence and a significant pay raise.
  • Before the term "journeyman" permanently affixed itself to his resume.
  • • Canada starting pitcher Mike Johnson gives new meaning to the term journeyman righthander.
  • _ -- Three or four years since, a paragraph went the round of the press, deriving the English word "journeyman" from the custom of travelling among work-men in Germany.
  • In any event, after some success, incorporation into the guild and employment as journeyman is all but inevitable for almost everyone who has had even modest success in the marketplace; the guild is eager to remove such authentic literary writers from the marketplace as soon as possible, to eliminate the competition.


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