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What is the meaning of joyful in Hindi?

Meaning of joyful in Hindi is : हर्षित

Definition of word joyful

  • Feeling or causing joy. (adjective)

Examples of word joyful

  • Now what was the Horseherd to me, and what is he now, even if he has been brought to what he called a joyful end by his catarrh “verging upon a perfect asthma.”
  • "After last year's success, in response to the extensive demand and after great effort, we have managed to organize the import of special costumes for Purim," they wrote in what they called a joyful notice for the holiday.
  • I go home after work everyday, sit down and drink a beer in joyful celebration of the real egg all over your [R] faces.
  • Of course my own personal countdown clock continues to tick away in joyful anticipation as the bacon-wrapped leg of the James tour heads my way.
  • She was enjoying herself immensely and she laughed with me when I laughed at her in joyful surprise.


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