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What is the meaning of judicial in Hindi?

Meaning of judicial in Hindi is : न्यायिक

Definition of word judicial

  • Of or relating to a court of law, or to the administration of justice. (adjective)
  • That branch of government which is responsible for maintaining the courts of law and for the administration of justice. (noun)

Examples of word judicial

    • This highest judicial tribunal, it is seen, passed from a case wherein no jurisdiction, as it held, rested in the courts to enter any form of judgment -- not even for costs, to decide matters not pertaining in any sense to the particular case, nor even to _judicial_ public rights of the people or the government, but wholly to the political, legislative powers of Congress, not in any degree involved in the jurisdictional question arising and decided.
    • Some say the problem with the term judicial activist today is that it's evolved into something that has nothing to do with actively impartially interpreting the law.
    • I have little use for the Democrat-Republican lawmakers, presidents, or their judge I refuse to use the term judicial because that word means implies justice appointees.
    • GERKIN: I think we should be very careful about throwing around the term judicial activism.
    • ACOSTA: Top GOP leaders want the president to rule out what they call judicial activists, judges who conservatives say would legislate from the bench.


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