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What is the meaning of judicious in Hindi?

Meaning of judicious in Hindi is : सविवेक

Definition of word judicious

  • Having, or characterized by, good judgment or sound thinking (adjective)

Examples of word judicious

  • In it, prudence is described as an "intelligence capable, by a certain judicious method, of distinguishing good and bad; likewise the knowledge of an art is called Wisdom; and again, a well-furnished memory and experience in diverse matters is termed Wisdom."
  • So Europe Between the Oceans, at once compelling and judicious, is an extraordinary book.
  • A serious part of the gardener's work during the average summer consists in judicious watering of the garden.
  • "In this context, the phrase 'more judicious' is really code for 'let's appease Pakistani sensitivities,' " said a U.S. official.
  • 'It's what ye might call a judicious seliction fr'm th' best features iv thim ar-rts, 'I says.


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