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What is the meaning of judiciousness in Hindi?

Meaning of judiciousness in Hindi is : विचक्षणता

Definition of word judiciousness

  • the state of being judicious (noun)

Examples of word judiciousness

  • Trying to supply the "judiciousness" that Coulter lacked, he refrained from overstating the positive aspects of Reconstruction or simply reversing the heroes and villains of the older historiography.
  • The Spratly issue is ultimately a litmus test for if, and when, China may act not as an 800-pound gorilla that may do as it pleases, but rather as a responsible member of the international community that exercises discretion and judiciousness in its actions.
  • What redeemed his venomous ferocity was the gusto with which he wrote about the shows he did like—and there were plenty of them—as well as the judiciousness with which he weighed the merits of serious plays about which he had mixed feelings.
  • Political operatives are sort of embarrassed by caution and judiciousness now, as if they are an indicator of weakness (the Democrats' traditional worry) or a lack of idealism and compassion (the Republicans' worry.)
  • Baker added that Mr. Broder's great strength was the impartiality in his writing - not a splitting of the difference on people and issues, but instead a judiciousness in his analysis of individuals and institutions.


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