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What is the meaning of juggler in Hindi?

Meaning of juggler in Hindi is : मदारी

Definition of word juggler

  • Agent noun of juggle; one who either literally juggles objects, or figuratively juggles tasks. (noun)
  • A person who practices juggling. (noun)
  • A conjuror. (noun)
  • A magician or wizard. (noun)

Examples of word juggler

  • But that iron puddler could not savvy four-syllable words any more than the word juggler could puddle a heat of iron.
  • BLITZER: Let me read to you, Mr. Ambassador, from an article in today's New York Times entitled the juggler -- that's a reference to you, as the headline calls it.
  • When Hop Sing returned my handkerchief to me with a bow, I asked if the juggler was the father of the baby.
  • Jugglery and conjuring, of a noisy, mysterious, and, we must add, rather silly nature, is "medicine," and the juggler is a "medicine-man."
  • Pop quiz, jargon juggler: who's got two fists full of round bombs with fuses of scorn for bilingual bloggers testing my lexical patience?


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