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What is the meaning of keep in Hindi?

Meaning of keep in Hindi is : हिसाब रखना

Definition of word keep

  • To maintain possession of. (verb)
  • To maintain the condition of. (verb)
  • To remain in, to be confined to. (verb)
  • To wait for, keep watch for. (verb)
  • To restrain. (verb)
  • To protect, guard. (verb)
  • To continue. (verb)
  • To remain edible or otherwise usable. (verb)
  • To remain in a state. (verb)
  • To act as wicket-keeper. (verb)
  • To raise; to care for. (verb)
  • To supply with necessities and financially support a person. (verb)
  • Care, notice (noun)
  • The main tower of a castle or fortress, located within the castle walls. (noun)
  • The food or money required to keep someone alive and healthy; one's support, maintenance. (noun)

Examples of word keep

  • In case of falling into the water, the chief thing to do is to try to keep calm and to _keep your hands below your chin_.
  • He returns in haalf an hour with everything I need, and brings back this book which I keep, -- remember, gentlemen, which I _keep_, -- a mark of confidence which in this degen'rate age is refreshin '.
  • If we are to _be_ in Christ when we are in Ephesus, we need to keep ourselves separate and faithful, and to _keep ourselves_ in
  • Once, when I was very weak with sea-sickness and wanted to keep down a dinner which I had just eaten, they insisted upon it, that, if I would only put into my mouth a piece of fat pork, and _keep it there_, my dinner would stay in its place.
  • Berwickshire every hind was allowed to keep a few hens; and some of them actually removed for the sake of the _hen's keep_.


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