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What is the meaning of kepi in Hindi?

Meaning of kepi in Hindi is : फ्रासीसी फौजी टोपी

Definition of word kepi

  • A cap with a flat circular top and a visor, particularly associated with French uniforms. (noun)

Examples of word kepi

  • N American Civil War Inf. w/kepi and blanket MM 001 +
  • His kepi is on his head, and against his uniform jacket with its long row of brass buttons he holds his right hand: Only his thumb and forefinger are left.
  • I came home wearing a blue kepi and a carrying a toy musket.
  • Also, he looked great in uniform, whether with helmet in this late photo or kepi in this earlier one.
  • This thought comes to me the way a boogie board tied to your wrist does in the wake of a showy speedboat: with a smash to the kepi.


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