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What is the meaning of kick in Hindi?

Meaning of kick in Hindi is : लात से मारना

Definition of word kick

  • To strike or hit with the foot or other extremity of the leg. (verb)
  • To make a sharp jerking movement of the leg, as to strike something. (verb)
  • To direct to a particular place by a blow with the foot or leg. (verb)
  • To eject summarily. (verb)
  • To remove a participant from an online activity. (verb)
  • To overcome (a bothersome or difficult issue or obstacle); to free onself of (a problem). (verb)
  • To move or push suddenly and violently. (verb)
  • To recoil; to push by recoiling. (verb)
  • A hit or strike with the leg or foot or knee. (noun)
  • The action of swinging a foot or leg. (noun)
  • Something that tickles the fancy; something fun or amusing. (noun)
  • The removal of a person from an online activity. (noun)
  • A button (of a joypad, joystick or similar device) whose only or main current function is that when it is pressed causes a video game character to kick. (noun)
  • Any bucking motion of an object that lacks legs or feet. (noun)
  • piquancy (noun)
  • A stimulation provided by an intoxicating substance. (noun)
  • A pass played by kicking with the foot. (noun)
  • The distance traveled by kicking the ball. (noun)
  • a recoil of a gun. (noun)
  • pocket (noun)
  • An increase in speed in the final part of a running race. (noun)
  • To die. (verb)

Examples of word kick

  • *sidestep sidestep kick, *sidestep sidestep kick* Whoooo Hooo!
  • Secondly, Mother Nature can I hope you'll forgive the phrase kick our asses any time she decides to.
  • I don't like changing the barrel, because then I have to re-sight the scope, and off the bench the kick is a real b! tch.
  • RUBIN: Well, diplomatically, what the prime minister did today is what we call kick the can down the road.
  • He begged me to authorize him to go in and do what he called kick in the doors and find those weapons.


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