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  • Kimes, then, are neither more nor less than a false print in the Edinburgh Review for knives; and from this blunder of the printer has Mr. Styles manufactured this Daedalean instrument of torture, called a kime!
  • Or from a Zen perspective, you're trying to reach that state of mushin where you are in total focus and concentration, where the mind and body have become one (which is also illustrated in "kime" where you unlock your ki/chi in a split second, but I digress yet again).
  • Suheyl Gur 21 days ago müzik kime ait acaba öğrenebilir miyim çok merak ettim!
  • There's an old Turkish proverb: "Eschein koryonu kalabalikta kesme, kime uzun, der kime kiza" ... which means, "Never cut the donkey's tail in public ... someone will say you cut it too short, and someone will say you left it too long".
  • December 21st, 2004 at 10:18 am hello all kime Says:
  • The food, reduced by the action of the gastric juice to a grayish, soupy mass, called _chyme_ (kime), escapes through that jealously guarded door, the pylorus.
  • Then, on Friday, jest as I was shootin 'at an' ole 'are what I see, up kime an orficer, one o' thim Staff gints.
  • When I first kime aht ter fight the 'Uns, I was up at St. Eloi, an' they blew the 'ole lot of us up one night.
  • A drawing of the kime was imperiously called for; and the want of it is a subtle evasion, for which Mr. Styles is fairly accountable.
  • When digestion is so far advanced as to convert the food into chyme, [pronounced kime,] it is poured into the duodenum, where it mixes with the panchreatic juice.