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What is the meaning of kin in Hindi?

Meaning of kin in Hindi is : स‌ंब‌ंधी वर्ग

Definition of word kin

  • Race; family; breed; kind. (noun)
  • Persons of the same race or family; kindred. (noun)
  • One or more relatives, such as siblings or cousins, taken collectively. (noun)
  • Relationship; same-bloodedness or affinity; near connection or alliance, as of those having common descent. (noun)
  • Kind; sort; manner; way. (noun)
  • Related by blood or marriage, akin. Generally used in "kin to". (adjective)

Examples of word kin

  • “Well, sheÂ’s no kin oÂ’ yours, nor much acquaintance as IÂ’ve ever heared of, ” said Mrs. Glegg, who always cried just as much as was proper when anything happened to her own “kin, ” but not on other occasions.
  • Ef Doctor Mac kin save Lou's life -- an 'he _kin_ -- yo'd be a murderer, -- yes, a murderer uv yo'r own flesh an' blood, ter forbid him. "
  • II. iii.27 (53,7) Two such opposed foes encamp them still] [W: opposed kin] _Foes_ may be the right reading, or _kings_, but I think _kin_ can hardly be admitted.
  • Payments for downloads are made through Google Checkout. im still having troubles with my kin one it feels like everything on my kin is mashed up together but i still like it:)
  • Knowing this, he went on: 'O Paṭācārā, to one passing to another world no child nor other kin is able to be a shelter or a hiding-place or a refuge.


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