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What is the meaning of kinetic in Hindi?

Meaning of kinetic in Hindi is : चलमान

Definition of word kinetic

  • Of or relating to motion (adjective)
  • Of or relating to kinesis (adjective)

Examples of word kinetic

    • The military, as we know from classified military documents put on the Internet by WikiLeaks last month, prefers the term kinetic strike.
    • Those Iraqi police have then been able to, as the troops have gone on what they describe as kinetic missions to root out al Qaeda.
    • All Replies from BeardogRed wrote 6 weeks 2 days ago small difference in kinetic energy.
    • And Abrams seems to me to bring a certain kinetic energy to the whole Star Trek Universe -- a revitalization, or re-energizing of the theme.
    • It is a linear epistemology; and those with the most faith in kinetic force tend to be those who overlook complexity and confluential processes, preferring to eliminate complexity by obliterating whatever does not hold to their line of sight.


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