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What is the meaning of kinsfolk in Hindi?

Meaning of kinsfolk in Hindi is : स्वजन

Definition of word kinsfolk

  • Alternative spelling of kinfolk. (noun)

Examples of word kinsfolk

  • Thereupon he called his kinsfolk together to counsel, and told them all that he had seen and heard, how Jupiter had appeared to him in his dream, and had threatened him with punishment, and what had thereupon ensued When they heard these things, all with one consent agreed that the man should be carried straightway in a litter to the market-place into the presence of the Consuls.
  • What comes out in all his letters to his kinsfolk is his unbounded willingness to take trouble in order to spare others.
  • The poor woman called her kinsfolk together and implored them to undertake the task of recovering him.
  • He called his kinsfolk together, and held counsel with them.
  • He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his kinsfolk.


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