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What is the meaning of kiss in Hindi?

Meaning of kiss in Hindi is : सहलाना

Definition of word kiss

  • To touch with the lips or press the lips against, usually to express love or affection or passion, or as part of a greeting, or as part of sexual activity. (verb)
  • To touch lightly or slightly. (verb)
  • Of two or more people, to touch each other's lips together, usually to express love or affection or passion. (verb)
  • To mark a cross (X) after one's name on a card, etc. (verb)
  • A touch with the lips, usually to express love or affection, or as a greeting. (noun)
  • A type of filled chocolate candy, shaped as if someone had kissed the top. See Hershey's Kisses. (noun)

Examples of word kiss

  • Hi helen, *air kiss, air kiss*, you're such a sweetie!
  • Shout out to Pessoa, Richard Bey and FingaFengh for the stimulating feedbacks. * kiss kiss*
  • He only knew he wanted to kiss her -- _kiss_ her ....
  • In that silence, of which the boom of the tide was an orderly part, I caught the clear "_kiss -- kiss -- kiss_" of the halliards on the roof, as they were blown against the installation - pole.
  • 'Well,' he exclaimed, 'you surely don't tell me that you kiss her -- _kiss_ Holly!


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