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What is the meaning of knife in Hindi?

Meaning of knife in Hindi is : शल्य क्रिया

Definition of word knife

Examples of word knife

  • KNIVES: The Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife is a copy of the Russell Canadian Belt Knife, which is one of the great all-around designs.
  • For some, The Subtle Knife is the weak spot in the trilogy, and they'll all have different reasons.
  • I totally agree that the Ghost Knife is indeed overused, but when it's your only magic spell, you don't have other choice than to use it, right?
  • The Soviet Union was the only country that aggressively pursued prosecution of Unit 731 personnel, because Russian civilians and soldiers were also experimented on, and Philosophy of the Knife is made by a Russian.
  • I thought it was interesting that Bujold said in an interview that the Sharing Knife is her attempt at writing a romance.
  • My favorite part, so far, of The Subtle Knife, is the mentioning of a Burger King.
  • Smokey Mountain Knife Works has them for $30. (www. smkw.com) 0 Good Comment?
  • The first picture, of the Treviso Radicchio and Knife, is my entry for Click, a food photography event hosted and created by Jai and Bee from Jugalbandi.