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What is the meaning of knockabout in Hindi?

Meaning of knockabout in Hindi is : हास्यजनक

Definition of word knockabout

  • Boisterous (adjective)
  • A small sailboat lacking a bowsprit, of a type found primarily in the Massachusetts area (noun)
    मुख्य रूप से मैसाचुसेट्स क्षेत्र में पाए जाने वाले एक प्रकार की एक छोटी सी सेलबोट में बोस्प्रिट की कमी होती है

Examples of word knockabout

    • Sir Alex Ferguson's side a real end of term knockabout feel and even less incentive for the neutral to tune in tonight.
    • The vaudeville act of "The Fighting Keatons" concentrated almost completely on the category known as knockabout farce.
    • There was another called a knockabout - (I am not very good on these things but apparently a knockabout knows every machine in the shop) and they tell me they were coming back to start training women in Canada with the same high hopes, and I am sure those hopes will be carried out, and the women of Canada will be as good as the women of England.
    • For those of us brought up on the "he'll be disappointed with that" school of punditry beloved of former footballers, this kind of knockabout stuff is almost worth getting up – or staying up – for.
    • But, largely as a result of some ill-considered comments by Rhodri Morgan about climate change the day before, the debate degenerated into 'knockabout'.
    • Guido is a very different show, he's "knockabout".
    • Here he secured the "knockabout" horse, always kept saddled and bridled about the station for generally-useful work, and set off at a swinging canter up the paddock after his own steed.
    • Don’t believe you’d care for the kind of knockabout jobs I’ll have to get.”
    • Don't believe you'd care for the kind of knockabout jobs I'll have to get. "