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What is the meaning of know in Hindi?

Meaning of know in Hindi is : समझाना

Definition of word know

  • To be certain or sure about. (verb)
  • To be acquainted or familiar with; to have encountered. (verb)
  • To have knowledge of; to have memorised information, data, or facts about. (verb)
  • To understand (a subject). (verb)
  • To be informed about. (verb)
  • To experience. (verb)
  • To have sexual relations with. (verb)
  • Knowledge. (noun)

Examples of word know

  • We don\'t know because we don\'t want to know\ 'which passes for visionary in America circa 2009.
  • For the person offering the service though, I think it is key to know in your mind – to * know* – that you are the best at what you do.
  • With most endeavors which require knowledge and experience, a group will always “know” more than any one single individual, and many groups together will always know more than any one single Team.
  • “So… you know that I know what you know… what is it you want?”
  • Before I go I'd like to wish anyone reading this a great holiday season, and let you know how much I've enjoyed getting to *know* so many of you this year.


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