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What is the meaning of lading in Hindi?

Meaning of lading in Hindi is : वहन

Definition of word lading

  • The action of loading. (noun)
  • Shipment, cargo, freight. (noun)
  • Present participle of lade. (verb)

Examples of word lading

  • [Yet] we put the vast business of a custom house in the hands of a flathead who does not know a bill of lading from a transit of Venus [laughter and a pause] — never having heard of either of them before, [and entrusted the Treasury Department to] an ignorant villager who never before could wrestle with a two-weeks 'wash-bill without getting thrown.
  • Employees shall be required to submit the original bills of lading, or a certified copy thereof or if no bill of lading is available, other evidence showing point of origin, destination, and weight.
  • If no bill of lading is required, other evidence showing point of origin, destination, and weight shall be required.
  • My efforts to prepare my companions were rendered nearly futile -- for the roaring breakers prevented our hearing one another speak, and the waves, that broke continually over our boat, obliged me to exert all my strength in lading the water out, as fast as it came in.
  • a third stands quietly until his lading is nearly completed, and then suddenly starts and flounces until he throws every thing off, a fourth at the same interesting point stamps upon your foot, breaks away, and scampers off into the prairie, strewing the way with his burden, a fifth refuses to be loaded at all, and a sixth to stand still, be led or driven.