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What is the meaning of lagging in Hindi?

Meaning of lagging in Hindi is : लपेटना

Definition of word lagging

  • falling behind, not keeping up the pace (adjective)
  • Occurring after; indicating the later phase of (adjective)
  • The covering of something with strips of felt, wood etc, either as insulation or for protection (noun)
  • The material so used (noun)
  • Present participle of lag. (verb)

Examples of word lagging

  • Beware, the jobs market is what we call a lagging indicator.
  • So what this is telling us is that the labor market is continuing to deteriorate and, remember, this is what we call a lagging indicator.
  • What she wants to do is try to push forward what she describes as a lagging effort to deal with millions and millions of very vulnerable people.
  • VILES: Investors tend to brush off jobless reports as what they call a lagging indicator, but the jobless rate has never lagged like this before.
  • The real reason i think the GOPs are lagging is because they don't have any plans for the future.


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