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What is the meaning of largemouth in Hindi?

Meaning of largemouth in Hindi is :

Definition of word largemouth

  • Applied to various kinds of fish characterized by a large mouth. (adjective)
    एक बड़े मुंह की विशेषता वाली विभिन्न प्रकार की मछलियों पर लागू होता है।
  • A creature of this kind. (noun)
    इस प्रकार का प्राणी।

Examples of word largemouth

    • In an experiment spanning over 20 years, researchers at the University of Illinois have found that vulnerability to being caught by anglers is a heritable trait in largemouth bass.
    • In the Northeast, a "trophy" largemouth, is usually a bass that is over five pounds.
    • The largest was a northern-strain largemouth that weighed an incredible 14.41 pounds.
    • To make the group comparable according to factory specs, I chose medium - to heavy-power rods, the kind commonly used in largemouth bass fishing, rated for lines testing to as much as 17 or 20 pounds.
    • Last week, we asked whether Mac Weakley’s 25-pound Dixon Lake largemouth is the same fish as the number four and number nine bass of all time, both also caught in Dixon by Jed Dickerson and Mike Long respectively (click here for that story).
    • The largemouth is the most popular game fish in the U.S.
    • Making striped bass solely a gamefish might seem like a no-brainer to inland readers especially, where there are no commercial fisheries for species such as largemouth bass or trout.
    • Fish tested were mostly larger species near the top of the food chain, such as largemouth bass.