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What is the meaning of laudanum in Hindi?

Meaning of laudanum in Hindi is : अफीम―निर्यास

Definition of word laudanum

  • A tincture of opium, once widely used for various medical purposes and as a recreational drug. (noun)
  • To add laudanum to (a drink or the like). (verb)
  • To cause (a person) to be high on laudanum. (verb)

Examples of word laudanum

  • "To be sure I did, to calm down the pain; and that was what I call laudanum and Mr Briscoe here calls opium."
  • Paracelsus created the narcotic opium, which he called laudanum, for his patients.
  • 'Is not it shocking to think,' continued she, after she had swallowed it, 'that in laudanum alone I find the means of supporting existence?'
  • Meanwhile, the tansy powder would do Clifford no harm, and the laudanum was a proper treatment for this acute period.
  • Perhaps this wet cloth in the original, is what we now call laudanum; a potion that overspreads the faculties, as the wet cloth did the face of the royal patient; and the translator knew not how to render it.


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