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What is the meaning of laundryman in Hindi?

Meaning of laundryman in Hindi is : धोबी

Definition of word laundryman

  • A man who is in the business of laundering. (noun)

Examples of word laundryman

  • The laundryman was a kind, wise old fellow, who paid his girls well, looked out for them, and gave them a good home.
  • The glamour of romance with which her imagination had invested him faded away in the cold light of fact that he was an ex-laundryman.
  • Born in 1905 in Los Angeles, Wong's father was a Chinese laundryman whose desire for his daughter to get married and settle down was eclipsed by her determination to gain fame and fortune as an actress.
  • He could have quit his ship 10 minutes before the Chinese laundryman took the plunge and the outcome would have been neither better nor worse.
  • Nonetheless, Hart Dyke stayed aboard the Coventry until the deck stood at a steep angle to the sea and everyone else had jumped overboard, including a Chinese laundryman who couldn't swim.


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