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What is the meaning of laurels in Hindi?

Meaning of laurels in Hindi is : बहादुरी का पुरस्कार

Definition of word laurels

  • Plural form of laurel. (noun)
  • Honors. From the Ancient Greek practice of crowning victors with a branch from the laurel bush, sacred to Apollo. (noun)

Examples of word laurels

  • The flashing of torches and the beautiful radiance of blue lights (technically, Bengal lights) upon the heads of our horses; the fine effect of such a showery and ghostly illumination falling upon our flowers and glittering laurels [Footnote: "_Glittering laurels_": -- I must observe that the colour of _green_ suffers almost a spiritual change and exaltation under the effect of Bengal lights.]; whilst all around ourselves, that formed a centre of light, the darkness gathered on the rear and flanks in massy blackness: these optical splendours, together with the prodigious enthusiasm of the people, composed a picture at once scenical and affecting, theatrical and holy.
  • On the day that the PLP seeks to wrap itself in laurels of humanitarianism, their Government admits that there are still no funds to replace the decrepit and wholly inadequate homeless shelter in Bermuda.
  • The writers for this episode certainly don't rest on their laurels from the season opener.
  • To help fight complacency, Saints coach Sean Payton organized this symbolic burial (above and below) of the team's collective trophies and laurels from the 2006 season near the team's practice field.
  • When it does, it will exhibit characteristic Olmsted features: tangled rhododendrons and disheveled mountain laurels mixed with evergreen shrubs, surrounding a curved swath of turf — hardly the Sheep Meadow of Central Park, but a pleasing choreography of greens.