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What is the meaning of lay in Hindi?

Meaning of lay in Hindi is : हिस्सा

Definition of word lay

  • Non-professional; not being a member of an organized institution. (adjective)
  • Not belonging to the clergy, but associated with them. (adjective)
  • Arrangement or relationship; layout. (noun)
  • A share of the profits in a business. (noun)
  • The direction a rope is twisted. (noun)
  • A casual sexual partner. (noun)
  • An act of sexual intercourse. (noun)
  • the lay of the land (rather than the standard the lie of the land) (noun)
  • A lake. (noun)
  • A ballad or sung poem; a short poem or narrative, usually intended to be sung. (noun)
  • To place down in a position of rest, or in a horizontal position. (verb)
  • To cause to subside or abate. (verb)
  • To leave something somewhere. (verb)
  • To prepare (a plan, project etc.); to set out, establish (a law, principle). (verb)
  • To install certain building materials, laying one thing on top of another. (verb)
  • To produce and deposit an egg. (verb)
  • To wager that an event will not take place. (verb)
  • To have sex with. (verb)
  • to lie (be in a horizontal or resting position) (verb)
  • Simple past of lie when pertaining to position. (verb)
  • To be in a horizontal position; to lie (from confusion with lie). (verb)

Examples of word lay

  • "Now lay on to his back," sternly vociferated the commander -- "give it to him -- _hard_ -- _lay on harder_."
  • One of those ladies died without children, by which means the title lay between the families of Rolle and
  • May 23d, 1752, aged thirty-five; and his Lady being then with child, the title lay dormant till she was de - livered of Thomas-James, now seventh Viscount Bulkeley, of Ireland,
  • And the amazing thing in Iraq, as a part of a broader strategy to help what I call lay the foundation of peace: democracies don't war; democracies are peaceful countries.
  • The subject from which the book just mentioned derived its title lay near to his heart.


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