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What is the meaning of laziness in Hindi?

Meaning of laziness in Hindi is : सुस्ती

Definition of word laziness

  • The quality of being lazy (noun)

Examples of word laziness

  • To say that I am irritated by the fact I have to pay for their laziness is an understatement, but even more aggravating is the fact they pay their top execs so damn much.
  • Bringing it up at dinner only made me get teased mercilessly "Is that what you call laziness these days?" but dammnit I cant pretend when I feel like hell.
  • If I attempted a race with the boys, I was obliged to give up from very weariness; and laughing at what they termed my laziness, they pursued their amusements without me.
  • Few people are really lazy, he thought: what we call laziness is merely maladjustment.
  • The lad can no more help what you call laziness, than you could help being born with gray eyes.
  • If we anchor something with an unpleasant output, we won't do the task, and we will experiment what we call laziness, or procastination.
  • I honestly try not to eat out every day because it ends up so expensive, but laziness is obviously a factor.
  • Okay, I need to stop revising and go put on my climbing pants, but the laziness is heavy in this one today.
  • Though laziness is easily enough understood, I remain mystified as to why anyone who purports to follow Jesus would choose to condemn an entire population over choosing to obey Jesus 'self-proclaimed greatest commandment to love one's neighbor as oneself.