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What is the meaning of leaguer in Hindi?

Meaning of leaguer in Hindi is : संगटन का सहकारी

Definition of word leaguer

  • A siege (noun)
  • A measure of liquid (noun)
  • To besiege; to beleaguer. (verb)
  • A person in a league (noun)

Examples of word leaguer

  • Given that the minimum salary of a major leaguer is nearly $400,000 a year, and the median salary is about $1 million, the price does not seem very high.
  • Perhaps of greater interest to the fantasy leaguer is the likelihood of these players getting dealt before their contract expires.
  • Bellinger, a career minor leaguer, is a pinch-runner who can play anywhere in field.
  • The son of a former major leaguer is brawny and powerful and has great hitting mechanics as taught by his father Jeff Burroughs, a former batting champion and AL
  • a big-leaguer is persuaded to wear something to shield himself only after he receives a scare.


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