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What is the meaning of leaped in Hindi?

Meaning of leaped in Hindi is :

Definition of word leaped

  • Simple past tense and past participle of leap. (verb)

Examples of word leaped

  • Her name leaped to his lips before he could stop it.
  • Herz was born at Besançon, in eastern France, in 1845, which made him forty-seven at the time his name leaped into print.
  • The archer stood and pulled an arrow from her quiver, the spearwoman nimbly leaped from the box down onto the field, and one of the ladies got a look of concentration on her face that made him certain she was channeling.
  • Living here in California, the tidbit that leaped from the article for me was this:
  • Lars Vilks told The Associated Press a man leaped from the front row and head-butted him as he was delivering his lecture at Uppsala University, breaking Vilks 'glasses but leaving him uninjured.


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