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What is the meaning of legible in Hindi?

Meaning of legible in Hindi is : स्पष्ट

Definition of word legible

  • Being clear enough to be read, readable, particularly for handwriting. (adjective)

Examples of word legible

  • Who heard of making the title legible only by opening the book up and looking at both sides?
  • The teacher became preoccupied with the presentation of the OHPs, making sure they were laid out clearly and legible from the back of the class, as they would be unable to effect significant changes on the fly.
  • The plane was sitting on the tarmac, yards away, the livery's colours distorted by the bright sunshine, but the name legible on the fuselage: Freebird.
  • Solomon was celebrated for wisdom, but folly is write in legible characters upon his almost every action.
  • He starts Ch. 9 by talking about the "literary experience" of Whole Foods: making the food chain "legible" -


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