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What is the meaning of legitimate in Hindi?

Meaning of legitimate in Hindi is : सच्चा

Definition of word legitimate

Examples of word legitimate

  • Latest Breaking News Obama Congratulates Afghanistan's 'Legitimate' - If Not 'Credible' ---
  • "Legitimate" businesses don't do that, no matter how common the practice might be.
  • ( "Legitimate," because making fun of specific people in the opposition can be fruitful, funny, and -- not that these criminals care -- intellectually honest.)
  • "Legitimate" indicates the sanction of some kind of law, natural, evangelical, or civil, while the phrase, "husband and wife", implies mutual rights of sexual intercourse, life in common, and an enduring union.
  • The billboards will feature a picture of Maris during his days as a New York Yankee and the slogan, "Fargo's Maris 'Legitimate' Home Run King."


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