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What is the meaning of legitimated in Hindi?

Meaning of legitimated in Hindi is :

Definition of word legitimated

  • Simple past tense and past participle of legitimate. (verb)

Examples of word legitimated

  • My son has three illegitimate children, two boys and a girl; but only one of them is legitimated, that is, his son by Mademoiselle de Seri, a lady of noble family, and who was my Maid of Honour.
  • Political philosophers from Plato to Hobbes saw society organized primarily through what might be called legitimated threat.
  • The distinctions of idea referred to are such as these; which any one will see to be legitimated Conceptions legitimated. in the exposition now traced — legitimated, that is, as conceptions, though not established as existing facts.
  • We're not sure about that, since Xinhua says the committee was founded in December: we guess "legitimated" would be a better way of putting it.
  • In any case, Peskett, who has researched the family tree, believes Ellen was "legitimated" by her parents claiming marriage "by co-habitation and repute".
  • Nonmarital, nonprocreative, purely recreational sex—the only kind homosexuals could practice—was legitimated for the first time in American culture.
  • Instead of decrying violence, Senator Cornyn legitimated it and used it to attack judicial activism.