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What is the meaning of lethargic in Hindi?

Meaning of lethargic in Hindi is : सुस्त

Definition of word lethargic

  • sluggish, slow (adjective)

Examples of word lethargic

  • In an interview, Michael Lamach, chief executive officer, said he thinks the U.S. economy, while avoiding a double-dip recession, may well remain "lethargic" for a long spell.
  • After losing at Memphis a day earlier, the Heat looked lethargic from the start against Milwaukee.
  • A muffled hero caught in lethargic intrigue that will be disturbing news for readers who haven't already heard that many Austrians are in deep denial about their wartime history and that American hands aren't exactly clean in the matter of rehabilitating Nazis.
  • If you call a lethargic transmission, a strained engine with 80 horsepower less but no mpg gain, and no on-pavement AWD a reason to win, with no such flaws in the Ram.
  • We’ve all been there: lounging in lethargic bliss after more than a month of turkey, ham, cookies, pies and pastries.
  • *** Shipping United Parcel Service reported an 81% surge in third-quarter profit to $991 million and raised its 2010 financial forecast amid what the shipping giant called a lethargic economic recovery.
  • Work Ethic (4) - At times lethargic, which is inexcusable for someone who can move at light speed without effort.
  • The 10th-ranked Eagles (18-6) snapped out of what coach Kathy Gibson characterized as a lethargic defensive showing in the first half.
  • The last high-rated television appearance for Britney was that MTV Video Music Awards performance for which she was roundly criticized for giving what could at best be described as a lethargic performance.
  • The deer have been described as lethargic and frothing at the mouth.