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What is the meaning of libel in Hindi?

Meaning of libel in Hindi is : लेख

Definition of word libel

  • A written (notably as handbill) or pictorial statement which unjustly seeks to damage someone's reputation. (noun)
  • The act or crime of displaying such a statement publicly. (noun)
  • To defame someone, especially in a manner that meets the legal definition of libel. (verb)

Examples of word libel

  • April except (1) Dr. Royce's insistence that my reply to his first libel should _not be published at all without his second libel_, and
  • Jill and Gretta are apparently on the job and both using the term libel as if they knew what it meant.
  • "A thrush forgets in a year," which I call a libel on one of our most intelligent birds; or cry, with another singer,
  • The old man, not knowing to whom to ascribe the (what he termed libel,) vented his malice on me, by asserting that I was the author of it, of which I was perfectly innocent: but he made my master believe it.
  • As to his defence having been abandoned, we refer your Lordships to the last petition laid by him upon your table, (that libellous petition, which we speak of as a libel upon the House of Commons,) and which has no validity but as it asserts a matter of fact from the petitioner; and there you will find that he has declared explicitly, that, for the accommodation and ease of this business, and for its expedition, he did abandon his defence at a certain period.


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