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What is the meaning of liberated in Hindi?

Meaning of liberated in Hindi is :

Definition of word liberated

  • Freed, especially from traditional ideas in social and sexual matters. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of liberate. (verb)

Examples of word liberated

    • I use the term liberated because this was the feeling of the vast majority of Italians, who considered that the Allies 'arrival marked the end of Nazi and fascist brutality, of civil war, and of the air raids.
    • The decree issued Saturday by Somali President Sheik Sharif Sheikh Ahmed says clan militias are banned from what he called the "liberated" areas of Mogadishu.
    • Or would that make me a crazy liberal because I want to be liberated from the fear that a LEO is going to try to beat a confession out of me?
    • • Serena Stamler was liberated from the Mauthausen concentration camp in Germany in 1945 by an American battalion consisting primarily of black soldiers.
    • Americans have seen themselves as a "city upon a hill," a nation liberated from the old world and its history.


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