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What is the meaning of licence in Hindi?

Meaning of licence in Hindi is : स्वेच्छाचार

Definition of word licence

  • standard spelling of license (noun)
  • Alternative form of license. (verb)

Examples of word licence

  • • An unlicensed use of the word licence resulted in a flawed headline above a column on the Comment pages yesterday Ignoring its imperial history licences the west to repeat it, 7 April, page 35.
  • The Minister of Railways; Ben Schoeman, attacking what he called the licence of the Press during the 1961 session of Parliament, called Sunday
  • What I didn't like so much was the hunting about of the poor devils that had not got what they called a licence -- a printed thing giving 'em leave for to dig gold on the Crown lands.
  • Then they would grant you what they call a licence
  • Amnesty International, Oxfam and Article 36, a group which co-ordinates opposition to such weapons systems, said humanitarian concerns were being ignored at the UN-sponsored talks and that they will on Wednesday call on Britain to resist US attempts to sanction what they described as a "licence to kill" with cluster bombs.


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