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What is the meaning of lifer in Hindi?

Meaning of lifer in Hindi is : उम्रकैदी

Definition of word lifer

  • A prisoner sentenced to life in prison. (noun)
  • A person who makes a career in the military. (noun)
  • A bird species seen for the first time by a birder who is keeping a list of all the birds he or she has seen in their life time. (noun)

Examples of word lifer

  • Every Cave lifer is more than aware of the fate that often awaits the women in Cave's songs.
  • The lifer is only able to talk to other lifers - and let's face it they don't have to be sold to anymore.
  • Similar to how the pro abort crowds get into a frenized tizzy when an pro lifer is invited to some place of prominence in govt. or acedemia. —
  • A true baseball lifer is now President of the United States.
  • Most of us live from day-today so swamped by the pressures and details of daily life that we don't take the time to think about our goals in lifer the after-life.


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