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What is the meaning of light hearted in Hindi?

Meaning of light hearted in Hindi is : हल्का

Definition of word light hearted

  • Joyful, glad, taking pleasure in being alive. Not depressed or sad. (adjective)
  • Enjoyable lack of seriousness, not grave. (adjective)

Examples of word light hearted

  • I told Myra, and we're standing there in lighthearted conversation, leaning against each other like girlfriends, when the cop gets out and walks stiffbacked over to us.
  • He helped the climb pass by engaging in lighthearted conversation, keeping my mental focus away from the heaviness in my legs.
  • Some of those present indulged in lighthearted banter about a few of these cases, asking if anyone really supposed they could lead to war.
  • Sticking to the mundane and the lighthearted was his way of being protective with the people he loved.
  • They were solid working-class guys who could just take it and remain lighthearted.


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