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What is the meaning of likehe in Hindi?

Meaning of likehe in Hindi is :

Definition of word likehe

Examples of word likehe

  • You could ask the boss to send a predator drone after Julian Assange kinda likehe jokingly threatened to do to any young whippersnapper who looks at his daughter the wrong way - ha, ha, ha.
  • Sure, he can help our country just likehe will help the environment in Iraq.
  • Iespecially like the “slap bass” towards the end in the days before theymade slap bass illegal,the coke fiend lead guitarist with the stratocaster andjacket sleaves rolled up, and the drummer who looks likehe owns thelocal garden centre.
  • Detailswill come out - likehe preferred to play the back 9 first, and that he certainly does not celebrate diversity when it comes to his women.
  • THE INDEPENDENT: Arsene Wenger has described the growing criticism of hismanagement of Arsenal as "unbelievable" and admitted he is made to feel likehe has "killed someone".
  • Sounds likehe wants to have some arrangement all sewed up before the Eames Commission reports out.