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What is the meaning of liking in Hindi?

Meaning of liking in Hindi is : रूचि

Definition of word liking

  • Present participle of like. (verb)
  • A like; a predilection. (noun)

Examples of word liking

    • Even less to my liking is the additive, "in your opinion," that some companions have been in the habit of appending to my absolute statements about the way the world works.
    • Much more to my liking is the sly, sweet, smutty super-hero satire delivered by Adam Warren in his ongoing Empowered series, now in its fifth volume from Dark Horse.
    • I think default settings for applications are no biggy for anyone on this site to handle, and changing it to your liking is actually much easier in Mac OS X than Windows 7.
    • The only thing I haven't found to my liking is a refrigerator ...
    • It was only after I went to college, that I started to realize how much of the '80's music I really did like, and that I wasn't alone in liking those songs.


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