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What is the meaning of line in Hindi?

Meaning of line in Hindi is : स्टोरी लाइन

Definition of word line

Examples of word line

  • That commuter line will be linked to an extension of Line 3 of Caracas subway system.
  • The young general, cold-eyed, stern and grim as a Roman, looked with his straight glance at a hammered and thin and dirty line of figures which was His Majesty's Twelfth Regiment of the Line.
  • At the Resurrection of our Lord, there were seventeen or eighteen Hundred of those Years, yet upon the Line, to run unto, _The rest which remains for the People of God_; and this Remnant in the _Line of Time_, is here in our _Apocalypse_, variously Embossed, Adorned, and
  • Thank you in advance for the answers! tizioRe: SPA3102 and GSM GatewayYou would connect the GSM gateway as if it is a pstn line, in other words connect it to the Line (FXO) port.
  • Third quarter 2009 operating results included $14.3 million of insurance proceeds recognized in excess of claim expenses related to the January 2009 pot line freeze in New Madrid, whereas in the fourth quarter operating expenses were adversely affected by the start up of Line 3 in New Madrid.


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