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What is the meaning of linear in Hindi?

Meaning of linear in Hindi is : सीधा

Definition of word linear

Examples of word linear

  • While we find the name of a Cretan town, ku-do-ni-ja 'Kydonía', written in Greek Linear B, we also find a Minoan parallel in Linear A, ku-do-ni (HT 13.4, HT 85 a.4) ~ ka-u-do-ni (HT 26 b.2-3), which might then be rewritten as Kaučoni /kawtʃoni/.
  • It could have been in Chinese, Linear B, BSL or filmed as a silent movie - the visual language of the film is so powerful and so clear that the script is more or less superfluous.
  • And he had better things to do with his time than learn the rebuslike system for recording Greek that we call Linear B.
  • The Mycenaeans left behind the first words written in Greek, on what are known as the Linear-B accountancy tablets.
  • Minoan is written in a simple hieroglyphic script called Linear A.


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