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What is the meaning of lingo in Hindi?

Meaning of lingo in Hindi is : शब्दावली

Definition of word lingo

  • Language, especially language peculiar to a particular group or region; jargon or a dialect. (noun)

Examples of word lingo

  • Grimm, in what he called the lingo of the country.
  • "I'm just shocked to hear ... the new lingo from the governor, talking about Obamacare," Meek said.
  • Here's the official lingo from the Boykin Spaniel Society ...
  • While I take issue with that statement (see above), and I'm sure it's true in some cases, the real reason leaders should stop already with the sports lingo is much simpler: It's annoying, and it makes you look inauthentic.
  • For me, lingo is like acronyms; I find myself constantly looking things up to remind myself what they mean even though I've heard them and in some cases used them dozens of times.