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What is the meaning of lipe in Hindi?

Meaning of lipe in Hindi is :

Definition of word lipe

Examples of word lipe

  • Also known as lipeäkala, this dried white fish once saturated with lye is a traditional dish in both Nordic countries and in much of the upper Midwest of America and the plains region of Canada.
  • Move that lipe: it says it can't see but sign me up; hold me tight, all by itself it breathes.
  • Lawdy Lawdy, Mai huzbin wantz to noe, iz dere a good nappin caowch in teh NB, an kin wii plz lipe teh bebbeh kittehs high to snorgle him…..tee hee…
  • Koh lipe is part of Tarutao national park and which was used as part of the 'Survivor' TV series a couple of years back, where 'castaways' have to take their chances on a desert island.
  • Help! going to the south. .kho phangan, kho phi phi or kho lipe? looking for affordable bungalows + / - 400 BHT ..


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