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What is the meaning of lire in Hindi?

Meaning of lire in Hindi is :

Definition of word lire

  • Flesh, brawn, or muscle; the fleshy part of a person or animal in contradistinction to the bone and skin. (noun)

Examples of word lire

  • It granted the pope royal honors and prerogatives and full liberty in the exercise of his religious functions; representatives of foreign powers at the Vatican received diplomatic rights and immunities; the pope received an annual income of 3.25 million lire from the Italian treasury and full enjoyment of the Vatican and other palaces with rights of extraterritoriality.
  • Sailors sometimes call the Italian money "lira money," because the lire, which is worth about the same as the French _franc_, or twenty cents, is the common unit of Italian currency.
  • The next time I met this student he had completed his studies and was employed as a clerk in the Italian railway station at Chiasso, the frontier town on the S. Gottardo, at an annual salary of 1,080 lire, which is about 43 pounds 4s.
  • What is the nominalization of the French verb "lire"?
  • One friend wrote that he was a demanding visitor, expecting to be fed and running up vast long-distance telephone bills: At the end of the visit he would offer 10,000 lire about £4, saying he hadn't used the 'phone much.
  • From there, he would bring back postcards, sedulously and with obvious pleasure gleaned from their racks in various museums and churches at 10 to 20 lire each: Caravaggios, Bellinis, Michelangelos.
  • C'est intéréssant pour ceux qui aiment lire en français, comme moi.
  • Bravado a lire keeps there inside them. when you dig yourself so far into the grave that you cant get out you have to protect yourself and slap all treats down before you can control them by your bravado and false hoods and mysticism.
  • Ravie de lire que ta grossesse se passe aussi bien.